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Norm Fraim

Norm, being influenced by both of his parents who sang and played a variety of instruments, began performing very early in life. Relatives from both sides of Norm's family were musical connoisseurs and during his childhood, many evenings were spent singing and entertaining with his family. At age nine Norm started playing the banjo, ukulele and mandolin. Within a year guitar, keyboard and accordion were added to the mix. Norm's first paying job was at age 12 gigging with a band called "Blue Mist". At age 14 he joined "The Young Ones" and began performing at local clam steams. When Norm is not performing he spends his free time cooking, camping, playing horseshoes and hot tubbin'. Through the years Norm has also been a member of “Starburst”, “Golden Tier”, “Classy Trash”, “Glass Mountain” and “Xpectit”. Look for Norm to live up to his nick name "Mr. Fun" while performing with "Harmony Rocks".

Bill Riley

Bill started out rocking with local musicians back in the early 80's at the age of 13 before entering the service. While in the service, he became very active as a session musician in the Pensacola Florida music scene in the early 90's before returning to upstate New York. He anchored the lead guitar position for such bands as "Switch" and "The Backstage Duo". He brought to these bands a unique lead style with plenty of finesse and originality. His leads feature smooth flowing riffs with edgy rhythms that make songs come alive. Bill loves to tear it loose on his honey blond Telecaster. He brings a lot of energy, fun and talent to the unique sound of "Harmony Rocks".

Tony Clementi

Tony As you might imagine, has been banging on objects since before he could walk. While many of his family members, including his mother, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins were, and still are, musically talented; Tony claims that his many failed attempts at playing melodic instruments have helped strengthen his affinity for the simpler arts like cooking and drumming. After spending his life to this point learning and absorbing the artistry of some of the area's most respected musicians, Tony has truly come into his own aggressive, commanding style that adds a thunderous groove to the sound of "Harmony Rocks".

Scott Fraim

Scott is recent addition to Harmony Rocks, laying down groovy bass sounds and smooth vocals to get the dance floor jumpin'.